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Comfort Plus Furniture
Founded in 1972, Comfort Plus Furniture & Mattresses is a successful and family-run furniture store in downtown Kitchener. We offer elegant and high-quality fur

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H&H wood products, skids, pallets, boxes, racks, and spools

H&H wood products est.1985 supplies quality wooden crates, pallets, spools, display racks, and more. We do custom sizes are CPC certified and abide by ISOM#15 guidelines so all of our products can be shipped worldwide. All wood is HT-KD treated and c...

Increased Shoe Traction Grip Kikstick TM

The product increases traction on all surfaces from all types of floors to all types of footwear. • Up to 200% more traction on dry surfaces • Up to 500% more on wet surfaces • Repels dirt and debris • Potential In...

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